Friday, February 3, 2012

Today took us to two new shops.

First stop: Chehalis

Shop:    Yarns & Things, LLC
Owner:  Wilma  

There's not much of a website to go to, unfortunately Wilma can't touch a computer. Wilma's body produces so much static that she has fried three computers. Therefore, she has no website to keep track of or update. But she does have a beautiful shop. She's owned Yarns & Things for 12 years and has kept it in the same place. It's in a cute shop inside an old mall in downtown Chehalis, Washington.

Chehalis has 7,000 people and is located along I-5 in the middle of Washington state. As I'm writing this first official blog, I'm realizing I should have taken a picture of the town, diagonal parking all down Main street. I found a picture on the web, that'll just have to do:
Cute town, and they've got a nice yarn shop, too. Lots of light and a great table to hang out at. I met Wilma on her 2nd day back from a working vacation. She and her daughter had gone down to a show in Phoenix and took a side trip to Texas. Driving. I'm in a camper doing this trip to Encinitas, they drove almost twice as far in less than half the time in a car. I'm feeling pretty lucky I have a bathroom and a bed, all on the back of my truck. As I'm sitting with Wilma she mentions that it's Friday and her Friday crew will be coming in, 20 minutes later one of "the crew" came in. She was early but obviously was pretty comfortable with the shop and Wilma. Seems like a fun place to hang out on a Friday to me.

On a final note: Wilma, unfortunately, is extrememly allergic to Alpacas, so you will not find any alpaca fiber in her store. :( (She's not happy about it either)

2nd stop: Washougal, WA

Internet connectivity is up and down. I don't want to lose what I've got already. There's a mighty good windstorm here in Portland, Oregon tonight. Will get to a better spot tomorrow to tell you about Wooly Wooly Wagtails in Washougal, Washington.

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