Thursday, February 23, 2012

Location: Mendocino, California
Shop:       Mendocino Yarn Shop
Owner:    Annelle

Mendocino and Ferndale are now tied for being dang cute towns. Mendocino lies right on the coast of northern California. The town itself has less than 1000 people, but Mendocino County has almost 90,000.

Water towers are everywhere in this old town. Mendocino is over 160 years old, and most of its  buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, including one of the oldest continuously-used Presbyterian Churches in California, originally dedicated in 1868, and one of the oldest Chinese houses of worship, the Temple of Kwan Tai, originally dedicated 1854.
The town definitely caters to the arts, and this yarn shop fits right in. Annelle's shop is the only yarn shop in Mendocino, and for a town with only 1000 residents, this is an impressive shop. She's got everything you need to knit (or crochet) to your heart's content, along with some great samples to inspire you. The shop, which looks like it used to be a house, has been a part of community for eleven years and  is right in the heart of Mendocino's tourist area. A short walk, and you're taking in the sights of Mendocino Bay.

I'm really looking forward to my trip here in September. As long as I have some extra spending money, we'll probably stay for a couple of nights. Although the gas was a bit cheaper than other places, everything else wasn't. The town is full of cute little trendy shops; clothing, jewelry, cafes, candy, and even a bead shop. I love beads, a lot.

Next stop: Ukiah, California

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