Friday, February 24, 2012

Location: Ukiah, California
Shop: Heidi's Yarn Haven
Owner: Heidi & Stitches

Another shop with a shop dog, I already love this place. Stitches is a cockapoo (cocker spaniel & poodle). He reminded me of my childhood dog, Sassa, except she was white. The front door to the shop was open, so Stitches had to be tethered, but he didn't seem to mind. He was tethered to a table where three to four gals were knitting when I came in. One of the gals just came in to show off the blanket she had just knitted for her grandbaby, one had just come in for some quick help on a daunting project, while two were just hanging out. They were pretty comfortable in this store, even answering the phone when Heidi was busy.

Ukiah is the county seat for Mendocino County and has about 17,000 people. It's been voted #1 best small town to live in California and it made #6 on the national list. The area used to be known for their hops, now the entire town is surrounded by wineries, including the famous Kendal Jackson. No time to stop and taste the grapes though, maybe next time.

Heidi's been in business for 17 years. From my short time in the shop, she's got excellent customer service. She also offers one of the best beginning knitting programs I've come across. You pay $45 for 5 sessions. You get a punch card that she'll punch every time you come in for one of their ongoing classes which is any Tuesday night. In my opinion, that's a great deal.

Heidi's shop is a full spectrum shop, which means she carries both synthetic and natural fibers for you to choose from. And you can tell by the pictures, whichever fiber you choose, she'll have it in a color you like.

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