Monday, February 13, 2012

Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Shop: Fiber Nooks and Crannys
Owner: Michelle (and Mollie)

Corvallis is about 80 miles south of Portland and 50 miles the Oregon coast. Home to 55,000 and Oregon State University.
I'm a dog lover, and this shop has a "shop dog". I already like it. Meet Mollie, a pit bull with beautiful ice blue eyes. She's about as docile as they come. She hung out with me & Michelle while she went through my buttons.
Unfortunately, Fiber Nooks & Cranny's is having to downsize there store. Slow business calls for a re-location, just 3 minutes south of the current one. The good news is that they're not closing, and their heating bill will be smaller. The shop opened 16 years ago in 1996. Michelle used to hang out there, then after a few years she started working there. Then in 2005 after raising her two daughters, she purchased the store from one of the original owners. Her husband is "the computer guy" and she's got a couple of other part-time employees, and Mollie, of course.
Next stop: Ashland, Oregon

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