Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Location: Portland, Oregon
Shop:       Northwest Wools
Owner:    Linda

Located in the southeast Portland area in a district known as Multnomah Village is the oldest yarn shop in Portland at 23 years and counting (and in the same location the entire time). The shop's five employees have all been there at least 10 years each. That says a lot. Small and cozy with a generous amount of yarn and a ton of knowledge. The other 3 shops I mentioned in Portland all opened in the last six years, which goes for a lot of the shops I didn't mention. This shop is practically their mother's age (figuratively speaking, of course). In other words, these guys know a thing or two about yarn.
Although there's no parking lot for the shop itself, there's plenty of street parking.

This was the last Portland shop for this trip. next stop: Boesma's in McMinnville, Oregon. So much for a day off.

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