Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Location:  Portland, Oregon
Shop:        The Naked Sheep Knit Shop
Owner:      Sherry

If the car's there, then Sherry is, too.
A small shop full of fun stuff and bright colors. There's a classroom in the back, away from the store, not so far away that it feels like a back conference room, but far enough that if there's a class going on, they won't get in the way of your shopping.

Sherry opened the shop six years ago with her husband's help (he was the artist behind the shop's logo). When I asked Sherry if there's anything she would like me to say about the shop in my blog, two ladies that had been knitting in the front of the store yelled out "She's very nice!". So there you have it, spoken from two obviously loyal customers. I thought that it was a private lesson, but nope, they were just hanging out.
Another Portland shop without a parking lot, but there's plenty of street parking. I've had no problems finding parking within a block the two times I've been there.

They share a building with a dog groomer, and a pizza shop with free wifi. As I've mentioned in previously, my husband and I are in a truck with a slide in camper. While I conduct the meetings, he makes coffee in the camper and hangs out with our two dogs and waits. When we hopped out of the truck to let one of the dogs in to the back, she saw the dog groomers, which happened to have a stuffed dog in the window (wearing a cute knitted sweater). She ran towards it as if it were real, and just as she got to the glass, she realized there was something different about this dog. Poor Joan.

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