Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Order From Overseas & More Fun With Resin

Not a lot to report on the weather this week. You'd think it were spring, except the trees are still completely leafless. All the snow we've had since November is pretty much gone.

I'm still waiting on buttons I ordered from overseas over 3 weeks ago. I ordered from two different places, one from Malaysia, the other from China. I really regret ordering them for so many reasons. The 100 rhinestone buttons I ordered from China, are crap. They look great in the package, and I though they were going to work great, but after opening them I realized this was not the project for these.

Now they are in the kid's bucket. I have no kids at home anymore, but most of my friends do, and they love my house. Partly because they have a certain spot in my craft room where it is hands on, they can make what they want (one item per visit), everything else in the craft area is hands off. The other reason is the shaded creek on our property, the summer can get pretty hot here and our creek is a really great place to cool off.

I have to find another way to finish the pieces I've been talking about the past few posts.

You've seen one of the finished irregular right angle weave cuffs in last week's post. I finished two more this past week. Still irregular right angle weave, but a bit different. I'll submit this one to Fusion Beads located in Seattle for their Fall Schedule, which comes out sometime in August.

The first example, I found a vintage button that complimented the bracelet perfectly (in my opinion) and I chose to weave a hole in the cuff for a button hole.

And the other, is a similar style, except I made the button using a 3-D right angle weave technique. A loop was better for this style of button. I'm loving the zig-zag of the irregular right angle weave.

More on irregular right angle weave in a later blog.
This past week in resin world seems to be dedicated to circles and spirals. I played around with making a few rings and using them as frames for either buttons or pendants.
I used alcohol inks for most of the rings you see here. I'll go over a few different processes I use for coloring resin in next week's blog.
I have yet to decide which of the above new discs will be special edition buttons, or pendants, with the exception of the top left, that is a pendant, and it is available. If you see anything else in there you must have as either a pendant or button, send me a note.
Next week:
alcohol inks and resin
whatever floats my fancy