Monday, March 5, 2012

Common Thread - Encinitas, California

Location: Encinitas, California
Shop:       Common Thread
Owners:   Nancy & Carol & Coco

Encinitas is not a big town, but because it's right on the beach, it is a destination location. There are 60,000 people in the town I bet 85% of the residents own a surf board. If your address says Encinitas, you can walk to the beach. Encinitas is located in northern San Diego county which has over 3 million residents. There's a train track that runs right through town with trains going back and forth all day. Some of these trains are barrelling through town at 40-50 mph, not something I'm used to.

Carol and Nancy are mother and daughter and have owned the shop for 20 years. Carol is the mom, that's a painting of her in the picture above on the left that Nancy painted, and that's Nancy's dad on the right. These two banners are hanging in the front room and looking down at every person that walks in the door. Not pictured is the same type of banner on the lightpost outside her store on the street which pictures her step-dad.

Coco is the shop mascot, but she goes home with the girls every night. Nancy says she'd be pretty mad if she was left behind. Carol has a dog she would love to make the shop dog, but apparently the dog has too much energy for the shop, so it's a no for now. :( Not that I don't like cats, but as you can see, they don't care as much. Coco, was definitely pettable though, and she wouldn't be in the center of the store if she didn't like the attention.

The shop is pretty extensive. It's almost a maze to get to throu everything, a pretty wonderful maze of shelves full of yarn and inspiring examples. There's a small table in the front of the storer where a couple of customers set some of there things while shopping or getting help. One gal came in to get help on an Afghan she was knitting and Nancy was able to see immediately some twisted stitches and was able to explain quite quearly in a matter of minutes what had been perplexing this lady all night.

There's also a great sitting area in the back as well as another table, a great spot for classes, still close to the yarn but not too close. And the books were in this are which made it a great refernce are, too.

I definitely have some competition in the button department, as you can see they have a gigantic selection. There's more corners in this shop than I even have room to picture in this blog. If you're in San Diego, Encinitas is not that far, and worth the drive.

Next stop: San Marcos, California

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