Sunday, March 4, 2012

Location: Encinitas, California
Shop:       Beads, Crystals & More
Owners:   Phil & Valerie

Yes! A bead shop!! If you've been following me, or you know me, this is one of my most favorite things ever in the world. An extremely tight budget and an even smaller living space means I can only look because I have enough to keep me busy for now. But it doesn't hurt to look.

Encinitas is about 45 minutes north of San Diego, California, right on the coast. The place never gets too hot, or too cool. it was mid 60's - 70's the five days we were there. I was not jealous of my family in Seattle where it was mid to high 40's.

I learned what 'goat heads' are. For those that are unfamiliar with goatheads, they seem to serve no purpose at all. I have yet to figure out what plant produces them, but I know they have no pretty flowers, or delicious fruit. They do have these thorn balls though, and they're not short thorns like a rose bush, they're long enough to go through the sole of crocs and cause you a lot of discomfort.

Besides, the goat heads, Encinitas is a beautiful town.

Phil and Valerie purchased Beads, Crystals and More, which was pretty much going out of business 14 years ago. The shop had tried to be a kids bead shop, but after 6 years, it wasn't going so well.

Phil and Valerie were both working the day I went in, along with a couple of other employees, including Karen, who'd been there long enough to help run things at this point. I was there when the shop opened and the place was already hoppin.

Plenty of selection, whether you want strands or single beads. Plus most of the beads are sorted by color, instead of by type and size.

I didn't photo the boring tools and traditional staple items, but they have those too, like crimp beads, head pins, tools, etc...

They also had several counters of higher end gemstones as well as a nice rainbow selection of seed beads.

Plus they have a literal bead museum in a little side room. No photos were taken there. Tons of old beads and beaded things though, inlcuding a beaded chest of an African princess. There was already a crew of professional photographers there, otherwise I would have asked to take some photos. Oh well, maybe next time.

And the huge amethyst specimen pictured below is only for display, not for sale. This is only one of the amazing things this shop has on display. Although there's a museum in a side room, the whole shop has plenty of things to look at, including locally made hand beaded items.

Next stop: Encinitas (yes, again, but this time it's a yarn shop)

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