Thursday, March 1, 2012

Location: Bakersfield, California
Shop:       Classy Knits & Yarns
Owner:     Judy

Still in southern California. This tree is in someone's backyard, notice how all of the ripe fruit is unreachable? Seems to be my luck.

One classy shop. Judy's owned her shop for over 25 years, she used to dabble in oil paints, but turned to knitting (in a classy way). She started by knitting her own garments and doing fashion shows, but soon found out that is was supplying the yarn is where she wanted to be, not making things with the yarn, although she still enjoys that.

Judy's shop has some classy yarns as well as some other things. A gigantic table in the center of the shop is a great place to sit for the open knitting, crochet & needle point she holds every weekday, except Monday (she's closed Sundays & Mondays).

She also has a back room where everything is 40% off, which helps with keepig the front area fresh and new. Not to say that the yarn in this room isn't worth having, it definitely is, she just needed to make room for some more classy yarns.
It's late February, and on the day we visited this shop was 85 degrees outside. I'm really enjoying this roadtrip, and although I miss my friends and family, I'm not looking forward to the cold and wet weather I will be experiencing in about a two weeks.

Next stop: Encinitas, California

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