Monday, January 21, 2013

Irregular Right Angle Weave & New Molds for Resin

This week was irregular right angle weave week. I ended up coming up with a few pieces, all of which are still unfinished, you'll see the finished products next week after the buttons I ordered for them arrive.

I'm having a lot of fun with this stitch. It makes this wavy line that I chose to highlight in center of these two pieces:

Then in these pieces, it's used as a seperater between rows of 3mm bicone crystals. The one on the left is using regular Japanese rocailles with Swarovski's Silver Night crystal, I need to order more of those before I can finish. The one on the right is using delicas. I didn't think I was going to like the look of the delicas at first, but once I got to the fifth row, it started to take shape and I really liked it:

I also tried one with just metal beads (my personal favorite), but it's not as pliable as i want it, nor are the 'waves' as pronounced. It could be that there's not as much space between the 'waves' as there are in the other examples, or it could be that i used exlusively metal. It's the bracelet in the top pic on the far left. I'll see if I revisit that later. In the meantime, I have one other variety of irregular right angle weave that I'm working on right now, it'll be mentioned in next week's blog.

In the resin world, I received a couple of new molds this week, one was meant to replace my larger button molds, but they ended up being slightly smaller. Bummer. The ones I have, Wilton Silicon Large Muffin Bakeware, are just about out of service. I've searched for the, but they seem to making them different now. So until I can find a mold that matched my larger round size, I might just have this new size, approx 2" instead of 2 1/8".

I also received a new 'donut' style mold. It's for some sort of cake like mold that you put sugary subsance on one half and sandwich it in with another half. I've got one of these new cavitites filled with resin, and four of the cavitites with just a ring around the outside. It's curing now, I'll have some finished examples next week.

I ordered resin over a week ago, fully expecting it to get here last week. It did. It got here on Saturday. Unfortunately (and yet fortunately) I'm on rural delivery and our contracted mail person will not or can not (I'm unsure of which one) deliver mail that is marked for delivery confirmation. I got the notice from my mail person at 2pm on Saturday, our post office closes at noon on Saturdays. Then Monday (today) is a holiday. I've exhausted every drop of resin in my house, I'm having slight withdrawals.

Next week:

My finished irregular right angle weave projects


My dilema of the molds

Whatever else floats my fancy

In the meantime, here's Joan. She's a nine year old Australian cattle dog. She's just about the best cuddler you could ever have.

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